Born and raised in a small Tennessee town nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, Terrie still has a sweet Southern accent even though she's officially been a Kansan for more than 20 years. She learned to love others at an early age, a trait she acquired from her family - a family of honor, integrity and deep faith. Loving herself, however, was another story.

At the age of 10, Terrie first realized she was "different" from the other girls, and by the time she reached her early teens, she fully understood what that difference meant. Growing up in a family that was deeply committed to a conservative faith, Terrie attempted to deny her feelings of same-sex attraction. She tried to become the person everyone expected her to be, the person her church taught her she must be, the person she felt she had to be. She married, had children and tried desperately to live a "normal" life.

Coming within a few moments of taking her life at the age of 52, Terrie was convinced that dying was the only way to escape the torment of hiding her sexuality from those she loved. God had a different path in mind for Terrie, however, and He interrupted her plan and began to institute His instead.

Following a tearful confession to a co-worker in the fall of 2012, Terrie stepped onto the road of truthfulness by eventually coming out to her children, family and friends. Though suffering the loss of relationships with some, Terrie's children and family, along with many friends, love her unconditionally and accept her completely. Her deepest desire is that her journey will bring hope to others and help them find the same love and acceptance in being who they truly are.