Hailing from a long line of story-tellers, Terrie lives life immersed in the written word. She is the senior editor at Kansas City's premier advertising agency, as well as the author of the books "Lord, Help! Here Comes Mom!" and "God Even Loves Wiener Dogs." Terrie also pens the daily blog "The Tree House," which has a large, loyal and fast-growing readership.

On January 1, 2013, Terrie posted an entry to her blog in which she openly shared the truth about her sexuality and near suicide. Though she had been honest with those closest to her, Terrie knew she could never live a truly authentic life until she was real and transparent with her readers and the groups for whom she serves as a guest speaker. In the weeks following her blog post, she received hundreds of messages from people who were searching for their own reason to live. With the desire to help those who are hurting, Terrie collaborated with a young award-winning filmmaker to create the short, 3-minute film Ears Wide Open? to serve as a public service announcement for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Professionally filmed, Ears Wide Open? has been featured by multiple publications and online venues, including the international website Progressive Christianity; is being shown in community youth centers and churches across the country; shared by influential people such as the executive producer of It Gets Better and a board member of the NOH8 campaign; and is currently part of a special presentation for several Midwestern universities. The film delivers a poignant and powerful message in a format that is non-threatening, touching and encouraging. Spreading the message that life is worth living and that it's OK to be who you are has been the driving force behind the video since its inception. It is a completely nonprofit endeavor, with its sole purpose being to help others who are struggling to find their way out of the darkness of despair.

From wanting to die to wanting to live ... from hiding in the darkness of pretense to living in the light of truth ... from having no hope for the future to embracing and following her true calling, Terrie is simply being Terrie. Today, she chooses to love ... unconditionally. Today, she chooses to laugh ... abundantly. Today, she chooses to live ... completely. And Terrie would love nothing more than for you to join her.