A nationally recognized and well-loved public speaker with more than a dozen years of experience, Terrie's easy-going sense of humor coupled with her powerful message draws audiences in and leaves them clamoring for more.

"Let's face it - it's hard not to smile when you see a middle-aged woman with spiky gray hair walk onto the stage to speak for your event wearing suspenders and a bow tie. I mean, seriously, I bet you're smiling right now just picturing that in your mind." --- Terrie

Before speaking out publicly concerning her sexuality, Terrie was consistently booked as a keynote speaker for various religious organizations up to two years in advance of an event. Following her decision to reveal her true identity, all of Terrie's engagements chose to cancel her scheduled appearances. Though difficult to understand at the time, Terrie now realizes that her previous speaking events were important preparation for the real work she is called to do - share the message of hope, acceptance and love for all people.

Terrie happily creates topics to fit the theme of your event, but she has a few favorites of her own that you may choose from as well.

Speaking Topics

  • Hi, Kids, I'm Gay.
  • Coming Out at Midlife ... Now What?
  • How Living in the Closet Almost Killed Me
  • It Really Does Get Better, I Promise
  • Girls, Geese and God

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"Terrie D. Johnson is a very brave person: In mid-life she has come to terms with her identity as a gay woman and is willing to share her struggle through depression, alcohol abuse, and near suicide to find self-acceptance and a desire to live a full life. Recently at my invitation, she spoke at a workshop I presented at a regional conference for mental health professionals sharing her story with counselors interested in learning how to help clients who have similar struggles. Terrie was well-prepared, honest, vulnerable, articulate and open to whatever questions came her way. Many participants were emotionally moved and expressed how valuable her sharing was for them. Her story is powerful and her presentation superb. Since coming out to herself and others less than a year ago, she is determined that her life story help others for whom shame, fear and guilt blocks the path to self-acceptance. Because of her past experience as a national speaker and author, I predict that Terrie will become an influential spokesperson for persons who struggle with their sexual identity. I would commend both her Ears Wide Open? video and her blog The Tree House as powerful resources."

Jan Wrolstad
Associate Director
Mid-America Addiction Technology Transfer Center
University of Missouri-Kansas City
School of Nursing and Health Studies