Lord, Help! Here Comes Mom! offers a true, slice-of-life look into the lives of a single mother, two teenagers, and a college student as they embark on the journey of caring for their 85-year-old mother and grandmother after she sells the home she has lived in for 47 years and moves across the country to live near them.

Readers will roar with laughter at times while being moved to tears at others as they find themselves caught up in this timeless story of family, love, commitment and renewal.

God Even Loves Wiener Dogs is a true story of second chances, compassion, and the recounting of a touching and most unusual friendship between a woman and a chubby little wiener dog who enters her world on a special life-saving mission. Join Terrie, J.R. and Julie on their tender journey through her diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, the success of losing over 100 pounds, and the far-reaching effects of a human/animal bond that has already touched countless lives.